The history of Baker Center dates back to 1925 when Morris T. Baker, George D. Dayton and several other investors formed the Intersection Holding Company and purchased the property bound by Marquette Avenue on the west, Seventh Street on the north, 2nd Avenue on the east and 8th Street on the south, with the exception of a section (90 by 155 feet) at 2nd Avenue and 8th Street, which was owned by the Business Women’s Club. At the time of the purchase, the property was known as the “Street Car” or “Terminal” Block because it was proposed to be developed as the main terminal for all city and suburban streetcars. The Terminal Block, excluding the Business Women’s Club, was purchased from the Rapid Transit Real Estate Corporation for $1,500,000. After the purchase of the property, Intersection Holding Company became the Morris T. Baker Company and the Terminal Block became known as the Baker Block.